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Purchasing The Right Nitrile Gloves And Trusting The Right Distributor

Posted by Admin on July, 27, 2022

Disposable nitrile gloves are for one-time use after which they should not be reused. This non-abrasive synthetic rubber material can be used in various fields for various works.

The COVID-19 pandemic which started in late 2019 caused a surge in demand for nitrile gloves. This pandemic led to a massive increase in the production of clinical waste. This huge generation of clinical waste has proven to be very harmful to the environment. Thus, proper disposal and recycling are very necessary.

As the material used for making disposable nitrile gloves is synthetic, it does not disintegrate in the soil. And that eventually becomes hazardous to the environment along with countless other disposable medical items.

When the guiding principles were introduced by World Health Organization(WHO) where people around the world were suggested to use Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). And thus, the production of PPE also increased. This in turn caused the generation of a large number of PPE waste.

Gloves are used to protect hands in any medical procedure because cleaning the hands always does not get rid of every virus or bacteria. When there is a higher risk of contamination gloves are essential. When the coronavirus was spreading not only the doctors and other medical staff were using nitrile gloves for protection but normal people were also suggested to use them for prevention.

There are various types of gloves available in the market which are used depending on the protection level, the intensity of the contamination, and tangibility. Whether it is in chemical laboratories or healthcare facilities, thin disposable nitrile gloves are most commonly used. These gloves should be immediately discarded after they are contaminated with any kind of chemical. Even the alcohol in sanitizers can harm nitrile gloves.

Ways to know if you are using good quality nitrile gloves:

  • Resistibility: Nitrile gloves are used to protect the hands from getting exposed to harmful chemicals or substances. the quality of a glove can be determined if it can resist chemicals or other particles for a long duration.
  • Changes in the material of the gloves: If any kind of degradation such as shrinking, cracking, or swelling happens in the glove easily then the gloves are not of high quality. Gloves can get affected by chemicals even when they do not show any kind of degradation on the outside.
  • Permeability: Once when the gloves stop resisting the chemicals, they start to permeate through the gloves and that is when it becomes hazardous for the person wearing them. the greater the rate of permeability the better the quality of the gloves.

A disposable nitrile gloves distributor provides the best quality to ensure the best protection and prevention possible.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing and using disposable nitrile gloves:

  • Thickness of the gloves: With the right thickness the correct protection is ensured. The thickness of gloves is measured in mils which is one-thousandth of an inch. Thicker gloves provide better protection than thinner gloves. Though there are certain touch and contact-related inconveniences which might occur due to the thickness. Overheating can also be caused because of the thickness of the gloves
  • Accurate size: it is important to select the accurate size because the wrong sizes leave room for contamination. If a small glove is used then excessive stretching can cause breakage in the gloves and that could not provide the necessary protection. If a larger glove is used then it might get hazardous for the person using it as there are chances that the chemicals or other substances might permeate inside through the extra spaces.
  • Careful Removal: The gloves should be carefully removed otherwise they might fail the entire purpose of protection. Most of the time when people remove their gloves, they do it in a very casual way. And that is where the blunder is committed. At all costs, there should be no contact between the skin and the exterior of the gloves.
  • Risk of cross-contamination: When disposable nitrile gloves are used more than once without proper cleaning then it leaves room for cross-contamination. People use these gloves for various purposes. But when someone uses the gloves repeatedly without cleaning then the substances, they are dealing with might get spoiled and contaminated with other substances they have previously worked with.

You can reduce the chances of cross-contamination by changing the gloves after each use. If you think you are saving money and the environment by reusing the gloves then you should know that you are risking a lot. Safe removal of gloves is not enough, you need to wash your hands carefully even if you wear gloves while working. Gloves can spread a lot of viruses and bacteria. You should be careful about the places where you wear your gloves. It is safe to wear gloves only where you need to. You might save yourself by wearing gloves but when your gloves come in contact with other things or people, it proves to be harmful to them.

Tips on choosing the right disposable nitrile gloves distributor:

  • Varied range of gloves: Your disposable nitrile gloves distributor should be able to supply you with gloves of different sizes.The size of the gloves matters a lot when it comes to safety and prevention.
  • Quality of the gloves: Gloves made of highly durable nitrile polymer ensure the best protection. You would not want anything that would compromise your safety. Thus, choosing the right gloves is very important as their durability decides the kind of resistance they would provide when in contact with hazardous substances or chemicals.

You should also be able to maintain your grip while you are wearing your gloves. It the surface of the gloves is too slippery you might fail to have the proper control over the substances you are working with.

  • Provide comfort: Though you save yourself from the substances you are working with, you would not want to do that in discomfort. So, it is important that your gloves are flexible enough to provide you with comfort.

A disposable nitrile gloves distributor maintains every rule and regulation while distributing their products. They keep the specifications and demands of their clients in their minds and provide the best. The distributor’s carelessness can cost a lot which in turn can affect his business in a negative way.

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